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The Lack of Elecricity in Developing Countries

It’s easy to take electricity for granted in developed countries. This is often because electricity is hidden behind walls. We don’t see it, so it’s out of sight, out of mind. So, we use our many devices, wash our clothes, and cook our food without realizing that without electricity, we’d be lost. It’s interesting, and important that we look at places in the world where people don’t have electricity. For today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the countries in the world that lack electricity.

1 in 7 People Live Without Electricity

According to estimations, around 1.1 – 1.3 billion people live without electricity, predominately in developing countries (the top two countries without electricity are Sub-Saharan Africa, and rural India). There has been much debate about how best to help these people when it comes to providing energy sources. And, when people don’t have electricity, it can have a devastating effect: Other sources are used to heat homes and cook meals, and this can create indoor air pollution, which can lead to an early death.

Electricity Can Be Costly

In many countries, such as South Sudan, access to electrical power is so scarce, it can come at a high price – in some cases, electricity can cost as much as 3x more than other developing countries. And, in many countries where electricity is scarce, power outages shut down factories and business, which slows economic progress.

UN’s Sustainable Energy Goals

The UN is working on this big problem. Their goal is to provide universal access to power and clean fuel, by doubling the amount of energy. World leaders are working on how to bring people and investments together to solve the power crisis in developing countries. Hopefully we can all band together to help improve electrical power sources in the world, in order to keep people healthy and prosperous.


Benefits of a Career as an Electrician

Benefits of Becoming an ElectricianIt can be difficult to make a decision about what career you will do for the rest of your life. After all, most careers require that you invest time, effort, and money in order to begin. How are you to know exactly what you want to do? If you’re thinking about becoming an electrician, there are many things to consider. The goal of this blog post is to look at all the benefits of being an electrician so you can make an informed choice.

Work with Your Hands

Much of our society sits all day, typing on computers and staring at screens. This doesn’t appeal to everyone. After all, it feels good to work with your hands and create something valuable, useful, and safe for other people. When you work as an electrician, you won’t be sitting all day, gathering dust. You’ll be working with your hands.

Less Debt

It’s not expensive to become an electrician. While you’ll have to come up with a chunk of money up-front, it won’t result in overwhelming student loans like many professions require. And, when you apprentice as an electrician, you’ll get your training on-the-job, while you make money. That’s a bonus!

New Every Day

You won’t be doing the same thing every day when you work as an electrician. Life has enough monotony – why make work the same? As an electrician, you’ll face different problems and issues each time you go to work. Keeping things new and exciting is a huge bonus!


Electricians are well-respected in our society and the construction industry. Many view electricians as the top profession in the entire construction world.

Many Job Opportunities

There is lack of people working in the skills industry. More and more people are opting for more bookish professions, which leaves a gap that you can fill. People are always looking for good electricians, because our society runs on electricity. You’ll have a guaranteed job in most any area in the country!